Firefox has a nice feature to keep your sessions and cookies separated out in different isolated environments, which they call “Profiles”.

Firefox profiles

  • Each Profile stores its own cookies, history, cache, add-ons, passwords, and sessions
  • No Cookies or Sessions are linked between two profiles, they act like separate browsers entirely.
  • You can create as many profiles as you want, there is no limit. You can delete them anytime you want.

To know more about Firefox Profiles, follow their official document here.

Firefox Profile Manager

To manage different profiles, Firefox comes with an built in Profile Manager.
Go to URL about:profiles.

Know more about Profile Manager in Firefox’s official document.

Default profile

Profile: default is your current Firefox Profile. All the websites you have accessed so far on Firefox are storing your current data, cookies, and sessions in this profile. We will leave it as it is.

Setting up your accounts

The Rule of Thumb is, One Business Account ↔ One Firefox Profile ↔ One IPBurger Fresh/Dedicated IP Address

If you want to set up 5 accounts, you will need 5 Firefox Profiles in the Profile Manager, and 5 Fresh/Dedicated IP Addresses from IPBurger.

Create a new profile

Give it a Friendly Name, let’s call it Account #1.

Launch Firefox in the new profile

A new Firefox Window will open, which is a completely isolated browser environment, and no data/cookies/history is linked with other profiles.

Setup IPBurgerVPN Extension in the new profile

The IPBurgerVPN Extension for Firefox is specifically designed for protecting Stealth/Business Accounts. It turns your browser into a Protected Browser, where you can use your business account without ever worrying about leaks, being caught, or linked. The browser becomes a Safe Zone for your online activity.

This is explained in detail in this guide: Guide: Use IPBurger Directly in Firefox

That’s it! Your account is fully set up and ready to be used.

Multiple profiles for multiple accounts

Follow the same process for any number of accounts you want to create.

Each of these Profiles will be protected with a Dedicated IP address that you can use to access one of your business accounts.

Note: You do not need to create multiple user accounts in your computer. You can just create multiple profiles under the same user account. Since Firefox Profiles do a pretty good job at keeping things separate, your data will not be linked.

Access your accounts

Open Firefox, go to about:profiles, and launch the Profile for your business account that you want to access.

Open many accounts at once

You can keep multiple Profiles and accounts open at once, and there would be no linkages between them.

As mentioned earlier, Firefox Profiles are completely isolated from each other, and our Extension turns them into Safe Zones, where you can access your business accounts with trust and ease.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!