What are Fresh Proxies?

With a Fresh proxy, you’re assigned a first time usage dedicated IP address that is not shared with anyone else. This is a huge difference compared to other providers which not only resale IPs but share them with thousands of other customers. Imagine using the same IP address which has been used and abused by other users? It just doesn’t work.

Our fresh dedicated IPs are guaranteed free from abuse and are not shared with other users. It’s 100% yours. With our Fresh plans, you receive a static IP address perfect for streaming, traveling, gaming, eCommerce store management, social media management, SEO, and more.


What is the difference between Exclusive and Fresh?

Fresh IPs are FIRST time usage. These are newly acquired IPs that have gone through extensive quality testing and 180-days of non-usage before being allowed to be sold Fresh. Our Exclusive IPs are previously used Fresh IPs which have gone though a 90-day cool down period.

Guarantee: Our Fresh IPs go through extensive testing to ensure that only the highest quality IPs are added to our network. We never resell our Fresh IPs as Fresh and we guarantee them free from abuse.


How do I setup my proxy?

We include browser extensions for both Firefox and Chrome as well as VPN software so you can use your proxy for any usage including streaming, traveling, gaming, eCommerce store management, social media management, SEO and more.

Configure your proxies


Can I select state or city?

Our IPs are randomly distributed based on your choice country. We do not offer state by state location selection. However, this is perfectly fine for uses such as streaming, traveling, gaming, eCommerce store management, social media management, SEO, and more.

Locations include: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, and other locations on a case to case basis.

For platforms such as eBay, PayPal, and Amazon;  country origin, consistence of the IP, and IP quality are the most crucial. Our Exclusive and Fresh proxy plans meet these requirements and are perfect for account management.


Can I use this for my eBay or PayPal account?

Yes. However Fresh Proxies are best for managing existing and well established accounts only. They are NOT for creating accounts.

For the best results: With any account that you would like to manage, turn on your proxy, log into your target account, view a few web pages and leave the account for 24 hours. After the 24 hours login period using the same IP (with of course your browser cookies intact), continue as you normally would.

The reason for this is when you first log into an account from an unknown IP (without history) any CHANGES you make to your account is deemed high risk. So don't make ANY account changes in the first 24 hours when first logging into your account. Afterwards, you are free to continue using your account as normal with your proxy.


Can I create accounts with this proxy?

If you wish to create accounts we recommend our Residential proxies which have high success for account creation.


What can't I use these proxies for?

Generally, customers acquire our fresh IPs to manage their eCommerce stores, give employee access to their stores, manage accounts out of country, and other business related tasks. Other use cases include streaming, traveling, gaming, social media management, and SEO.

We do not allow torrenting, email spam or any illegal activities.


Can I change my IP address?

Absolutely! While we charge a small fee to change your IP address, we can do this quickly and with little downtime.


Do you monitor my activity?

We do not collect logs of your activity, including no logging of browsing history, traffic destination, data content, or DNS queries. All VPN traffic is encrypted with OpenSSL. We neither have an intention nor we give an opportunity for someone to monitor your activity online. We also never store connection logs, meaning no logs of your IP address, your outgoing VPN IP address, connection timestamp, or session duration. Our guiding principle toward data collection is to collect only the minimal data required to operate a world-class VPN service at scale. We designed our systems to not have sensitive data about our customers; even when compelled, we cannot provide data that we do not possess.


Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, the more you purchase the better discount we can offer you! Contact our support for details.