Introduction to Fresh & Dedicated Proxies

With Dedicated Proxies, you get instant access to dedicated IPs from select locations. A dedicated IP address is not shared with anyone else and has gone through our highest quality tests. Meanwhile, other service providers share the same IP address with thousands of other customers, leading to slower speeds and a higher risk of bans and blocks. Our premium proxies are guaranteed free from abuse and are not shared with anyone else. It’s 100% yours.

In this guide, we will explore all the features and configurations for dedicated proxy services to use them efficiently.


Introduction to Dashboard

After your order is completed, you will be able to access your Dedicated Proxy service here. The Dashboard is designed with utmost care that makes it easy for you to configure and use the proxy.

We will now explore the elements of the Dashboard:

  1. It shows the proxy location and custom label for your Proxy Service. You can change the label by clicking on the Edit link.
  2. It shows the assigned IP. You can change the IP by clicking on the Change IP link. It costs $10 one time to change IP.
  3. Shows the service and the server status.
  4. Download VPN Credentials enables you to access your Proxy credentials and different protocol options.
  5. You can view the last paid or current unpaid invoice. Click on the View All Invoices link to view all invoices associated with the service.
  6. Change Billing Cycle link will allow you to change your current billing cycle for the proxy service.
  7. You can change the IP by clicking on the Change IP button. It costs $10 one time to change IP.
  8. Should you wish to discontinue the plan, you can place a cancellation request here.


Download VPN credentials

Click on Download VPN Credentials button to view credentials or download various profiles. You can choose from the various Protocol here:

  • SoftEther profile can be used with SoftEther software
  • You can use HTTP or HTTPS for the Chrome extension
  • You can use HTTP, HTTPS, or SOCSKv5 for Firefox extension
  • For mobile setup, you can use OpenVPN or L2TP-IPSec

Once you click on any of the protocols, the credentials will be shown or a profile will be downloaded.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to our Support, we are happy to help!